Quality Assurance


Packaging quality:

At Upstandesk, we prioritise the utmost care in packaging our products to ensure they reach our customers in impeccable condition. This commitment extends to our solid natural wood desk tops, where we go the extra mile to provide additional protection during transit. In addition to expertly packaging the desktop itself, we construct a sturdy supporting frame around the edges. This thoughtful measure serves as a safeguard, offering added reinforcement in the event of any potential impacts that may occur during transportation. By taking these meticulous steps, we strive to deliver our products to our customers with the utmost care, ensuring their complete satisfaction upon arrival.

100% Natural Wood Standing Desk Tops:

Upstandesk take great pride in our commitment to quality control, especially when it comes to our exceptional wooden tops. Whether it’s the elegance of our walnut adjustable desk or the timeless charm of our ash standing desk or oak adjustable desk you can be sure we source our wood from sustainable woodland. We have established a trusted partnership with our supplier, who exclusively sources grade-A timber from carefully selected forest areas in the Balkans. This ensures that we consistently offer products of unparalleled quality whilst maintaining a competitive price point.

To uphold our stringent quality standards, our natural wood standing desk tops undergo a rigorous quality control policy. Every step of the manufacturing process is meticulously inspected to ensure that all quality control checks are met. This dedication to maintaining the highest standards guarantees that our customers receive wooden tops of exceptional craftsmanship and durability.