Walnut E1 Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk with FREE Memory Keypad Helps Elevate Your Workstyle:

From: £349.00

  • Sophisticated Elegance: The solid 25mm thick MDF Walnut top boasts a rich, natural finish and wood grain, adding a touch of timeless sophistication to your workspace.
  • Built to Last: This desk is designed to endure for years to come, offering exceptional stability for your everyday work needs
  • Effortless Height Adjustment: Electric motor smoothly transitions your desk between sitting and standing positions (700mm-1200mm) for optimal comfort and focus throughout the workday.
  • Enhanced Productivity & Wellbeing: Free 4-button memory keypad lets you save your preferred heights for one-touch adjustments, maximizing both productivity and comfort.
  • Peace of Mind with Safety: Up-down anti-collision technology safeguards your desk and belongings during height adjustments.
  • Quick & Easy Setup: The pre-drilled top ensures a hassle-free assembly process. An assembly video is also included for addition
  • Work Smarter, Feel Better: Shop Now and Experience the Walnut Standing Desk Difference!
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Elevate your workspace and invigorate your workday with the Walnut Top Electric Standing Desk.

Effortless Height Adjustment (700mm – 1200mm):

  • Ditch the static desk and transition between sitting and standing positions with ease. The smooth and quiet electric motor allows you to find your ideal working height throughout the day, promoting better posture and improved circulation. This helps to reduce back pain, fatigue, and even boost your energy levels.

Enhanced Productivity & Wellbeing (Free 4-Button Memory Keypad):

  • Maximize your productivity and comfort with the included 4-button memory keypad. Simply save your preferred desk heights (sitting and standing) for one-touch adjustments throughout the day. This eliminates the need to manually adjust the desk, saving you time and minimizing disruption. Additionally, switching between sitting and standing positions throughout the day helps to improve focus and overall well-being.

Hassle-Free Assembly:

  • The pre-drilled top allows for a quick and easy assembly process. All necessary tools and an assembly video are included for additional guidance.

Invest in Your Health & Workstyle:

This Walnut Top Electric Standing Desk is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s an investment in your health and workstyle. By incorporating movement into your workday, you’ll experience a multitude of benefits including improved posture, increased energy, enhanced focus, and potentially even reduced risk of chronic health conditions.


Parameter Premium Dual Motor Segment 2 segments with 2 motors
Load Capacity(KG) 100 Speed(mm/s) 30
Input(V) 110, 230 Min/Max Height(mm) 700-1200
Adjustable Frame(mm) 1000- 1750 Duty Cycle 10% max 2 min, continuous use
Surface treatment Power Painted Frame Colour Options White,Black,Grey
Warranty 7 years for mechanical parts,3 years for electric parts Delivery Free UK Delivery.
Est. 3-5 Working Days