Light Oak E1 Twin Motor Electric Standing Desk with FREE Memory Keypad Helping to Brighten Your Workspace:

From: £349.00

  • Built to Last & Shine: The solid 25mm thick Light Oak MDF top boasts a beautiful, warm finish and natural wood grain for a touch of timeless elegance.
  • Effortless Height Adjustment: Electric motor smoothly transitions your desk between sitting and standing positions (700mm – 1200mm).
  • Boost Your Wellbeing: Find your ideal working height with the free 4-button memory keypad for one-touch adjustments throughout the day.
  • Peace of Mind: Up-down anti-collision technology protects your desk and belongings during height adjustments.
  • Quick & Easy Assembly: The pre-drilled top ensures a hassle-free setup process.
  • Assemby Video click here
  • FREE Delivery 3 – 5 Working Days

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Elevate your work experience and create a healthier, more inspiring environment with the Light Oak Upstand E1 Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk.

Effortless Height Adjustment:

Effortlessly transition between sitting and standing positions (700mm – 1200mm) with the smooth and quiet electric motor. This allows you to find your ideal working height throughout the day, promoting better posture and improved well-being.

Free 4-Button Memory Keypad:                                                                                          Boost your productivity and comfort with the included 4-button memory keypad. Simply save your preferred desk heights and them with a single touch throughout the day.

Timeless Light Oak Beauty:                                                                                                     The Light Oak top boasts a beautiful, warm finish, adding a touch of timeless elegance to any workspace. Wiyh exceptional stability, this desk is built to last for years to come.

Peace of Mind with Safety Features:                                                                                      Up-down anti-collision technology ensures your desk and belongings are protected during height adjustments, giving you peace of mind while you work.

Hassle-Free Assembly:                                                                                                             The pre-drilled top allows for a quick and easy assembly process. An assembly video is also included for additional guidance.


Parameter Premium Dual Motor Segment 2 segments with 2 motors
Load Capacity(KG) 100 Speed(mm/s) 30
Input(V) 110, 230 Min/Max Height(mm) 700-1200
Adjustable Frame(mm) 1000- 1750 Duty Cycle 10% max 2 min, continuous use
Surface treatment Power Painted Frame Colour Options White,Black,Grey
Warranty 7 years for mechanical parts,3 years for electric parts Delivery Free UK Delivery.
Est. 3-5 Working Days