Optimize Your Office with UPSTANDESK

Nearly 90% of employees agree that they perform their jobs better in a well designed work space. A design-driven floorplan using standing desks can have a positive impact on how your employees perform and collaborate. UPSTAND Desk can help your office thrive with affordable solutions. With good planning and a partner in UPSTAND Desk, you can achieve the design your team needs to live healthier, work better, and feel inspired

Consultation & Office Layout

Let’s make your dream office a reality

In order to plan for success, we need to know the size of the space you’re working with, and what areas pose a challenge for your particular business. Once we have an understanding of your needs and understanding of your space, we use our CAD design to deliver the ideal flexible office floorplan layout/quote for your team. All free of charge.

We meet the individual needs of your employees with personal solutions that improve ergonomics, comfort, and convenience. We work with you to find the perfect desks, chairs, acoustics, colour scheme, fabrics, textures, and office accessories for your space. We help you choose seating and acoustic solutions to deliver a solution to you and your organization.

Free Space Planning and Design Available


Boost your productivity

Moving enhances the creation of new brain cells, improving critical thinking and focus. Standing at your desk has been shown to raise productivity by up to 45%.

Our corporate Sit and Stand
back-to-back 2-desk system

The desks are available as single desks or bench desks – all designed for flexibility with easily adjustable height at a touch of a button or via Bluetooth remote control from your smartphone.

Office SolutionsSit and Stand office solutions

Sit and Stand desks are a convenient way to adjust the height of your desk from sitting to standing.

Top Sizes: Widths 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm & 1800mm / 800mm & 700mm deep

Height Range: 700mm – 1200mm

Colours: White, Black, Oak, Walnut & Grey

The desks are available as single desks or bench desks all designed for flexibility.

Improve your mood

Those who sit for more than six hours per day show more signs of psychological distress than those who sit less. Standing at your desk has been shown to improve your mood and reduce depression, fatigue, and tension.